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Suit Up
Oxxford Couture by Jack Simpson

I was in Chicago," says Oxxford Couture's Jack Simpson, "and when I walked by the Wrigley Building I thought: The world is run by guys like Mr. Wrigley—American men who are strong and bold and visionary and confident. That's who we make clothes for." Read More

Sew Fine

Jack Simpson gives men the courage to go boldly where they have never gone before. Which means into a sartorial world of rich patterns juxtaposed and who-would-have- thought color matches, where layering is an art form... Read More

American Way

Your Personal Fashion Police

Clothing consultants can help you remake your image - or spiff up the one you have...Read More

Wardrobbe: Jack's Back

Late last year, when Dormeuil pulled the plug on its U.S. clothing operation and closed its New York store, the firm’s U.S. president and design director, Jack Simpson, was left without a home. But Simpson, whose name has appeared on the Dormeuil label since 1999, decided his moniker would not go down with Dormeuil’s. ...Read More

Dress Up America

"What men are seeking when it comes to apparel is not how many gray suits they need, but rather specific solutions to their lifestyle needs." Read More...

Perfect Fit

A bespoke suit is the most personal garment a man can own. But it's critical that you know two things: yourself and your tailor. You and your shrink can take care of you. We, however, have taken care of the second part: Meet six of the best custom tailors in New York...Read More


NY Magazine

Penguin Looks
"Black tie" no longer means having to dress like a head waiter -- it doesn't even mean having to wear a tie. A guide to buying the tuxedo that suits you best...Read More

The Arbiter of Taste

"I would be very comfortable hosting a dinner party in this," Jack Simpson says, pointing to a one-button Shetland wool blazer in a color he calls Bishop's Purple. And I believe him, for Simpson is...Read More



bespoke tailor Jack Simpson

“It’s bespoke tailor Jack Simpson who is the most cutting edge in his approach to formalwear- by popular demand.”   

Forbes Life​

Custom Suit Maker Jack Simpson

“Unlike many custom suitmakers, Simpson develops for his clients an entire collection – from suits and overcoats to handmade shirts and neckwear.  Simpson also provides image consulting, offering advice from his Thirteen Wardrobe Necessities for Accomplished Men seminar for businessmen who want to assemble stylish yet sensible wardrobes.”  

Robb Report

Jack Simpson Keeping Custom Talioring  Alive

“Jack Simpson is keeping the venerable art of custom tailoring alive, offering style-savvy gentlemen the benefit of his impeccable taste and keen eye”.   

Golf Connoisseur

Jack Simpson Complete Tailoring

“What Simpson has done is set up a complete tailoring service.   You aren’t buying a suit, you’re buying into a style of dressing.  It’s a style that is gentlemanly but also quietly masculine, that loves sartorial complexity.”   Departures

Creative Director Jack Simpson Style

“Designer Jack Simpson sets a pattern for sartorial success.”      ​

The Book

JAck Simpson Clothes America's Best Dressed Men

“Jack Simpson cuts stylish clothes for some of America’s best-dressed men.  And he matches his tailoring skill with an old-fashioned charm.”   

The Briefing

Jack Simpson Layering Color and Texture

“Simpson’s adventurous approach to layering color and texture has earned him a reputation as one of the fashion industry’s most elegantly dressed men.”   

Robb Report

Jack Simpson Made To Order Tailoring

​“Because he comes to made-to-order tailoring from a design house, his thoughts are not informed by dogma.  Simpson gravitated to custom tailoring not so much because tradition dictated it, but because he feels it best renders the sublime architecture that suits a man.”   

Cigar Aficionado

Jack Simpson Luxury Men's Apparel

​“Jack Simpson wants to teach you how to dress – for the benefit, the ballroom, or any other occasion that calls for black tie.  Given his credentials regarding luxury men’s apparel, Simpson knows a thing or two about the perils a man faces when confronted with evening clothing.”  

The Book

Jack Simpson Made to Measure Suit

​“MADE TO MEASURE SUIT FINALISTS: Oxxford, Brioni, Jack Simpson for Dormeuil, Kiton, Sartoria Attolini” 

13th Annual Best of the Best:  Robb Report

Jack Simpson Dress Executives

“While the majority of Jack Simpson’s clients are executives, a good number are celebrities in the entertainment business.  It is understandable, then, that he should favor a highly sophisticated silhouette: single breasted suits with peak lapels and postboy waistcoats (with either natural, international, or 1940’s English styled shoulder).”   

Cigar Aficionado

Jack Simpson Tuxedo Academy Awards

“Paul Newman opted to have Simpson make him a tuxedo with patch pockets for the Academy Awards – ‘It sounds like a breach of what is appropriate for evening wear, says Simpson, but for Paul it was the ideal union of mild irreverence and tradition.’ “    Hotel Bel-Air

Jack Simpson Dress Successful Men

“The brand was founded by Simpson in 1994 to fill a decidedly ethereal niche in the menswear market:  the provision of handmade custom clothing to a select group of successful men, mostly prominent businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals, but also members of the media and entertainment industries.”  


Jack Simpson offers clothing advice

“With more than a soupćon of the matinee idol in his rakish countenance, Simpson offers tailoring and clothing advice to men of Hollywood.”   Esquire Gentleman

Jack Simpson offers clothing advice

"Jack Simpson: the man who makes the clothes that make the man."


Jack Simpson offers clothing advice

“As designer and creative director, Jack Simpson is redefining the style of a gentleman.”   

Hotel Bel- Air

J A C K  S I M P S O N

Hand-tailored menswear by custom design

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