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Jack has been a leader in the field of customized apparel for twenty years.  Esquire featured him as one of the “Ten Best Dressed Men in Fashion”.  Departures, the American Express platinum cardholder’s publication, recognized him as an “Arbiter of Taste”, an accolade extended to but a handful of men worldwide.  GQ cited him as one of the “Twelve Guys You Should Know”.  The prestigious Neiman Marcus magazine, The Point, wrote: “Simpson is never short on charisma or brilliant style ideas that fit the man.  With his couture service, Simpson is creating entire wardrobes and every piece is designed with taste and individual lifestyle in mind.”

Jack Simpson Bespoke Tailor

This service is exceptionally rare, as outside of the couture salons in Paris, this one-on-one collaboration between designer and customer is seldom available.  Among his clients have been film and television stars, cabinet secretaries, senators, prime ministers, prominent entrepreneurs, and accomplished professional athletes. The quality of the clothing is exceptional; the Robb Report, America’s leading magazine for the male luxury lifestyle, named the Jack Simpson garment as one the world’s top custom suits, in company with Kiton, Brioni, Attolini, and Oxxford.

​Jack creates a database of preferences, lifestyle requirements, and detailed anatomical measurements.  The customer’s fabric selections are imported from Europe and an individual pattern for each client is created.  This pattern is then transferred to the cloth, from which it is hand-cut and the garment hand-tailored.  The clothing is typically completed within seven weeks from the time of the order; a fitting is then scheduled where final enhancements are made.  The finished garment is delivered in another 5-10 days.  It is important to note that the benchmark in custom clothing, bespoke suits from London, require at least three fittings with a complete cycle often extending to six months.

​For men, it is especially challenging to seek help for something as personal as one’s appearance.  In the words of Dr. Steven Lamm, best-selling author and faculty member at NYU, “ Jack can look at you objectively and guide you through the clothing battleground.  He’s got superb taste, understands fashion in a deep sense, and has a modern flair.  It is not the look of a dandy; just up- to- the- minute chic.”


J A C K  S I M P S O N

Hand-tailored menswear by custom design

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