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T H E   S E R V I C E

Jack's background in the designer business is rare for the custom field, and it affords us access to fabric mills that would be otherwise unavailable.  These mills, the finest weavers in Italy, Scotland, and England are centuries old and allow us to create one-of-a-kind designs in extraordinarily lush cloths. The Jack Simpson collection at Neiman Marcus, with jackets from $4000, consisted of exclusive designs woven in rich cashmeres, silks, and super 140’s woolens, and was one of the most elite custom services in the national luxury-retailing arena.  Outside of the couture salons in Paris, this one-on-one service between designer and client is rarely available.

The Robb Report, America’s foremost magazine for the male luxury lifestyle, named the Jack Simpson garment as one of the world’s leading custom suits.  This designation was, in descending order, Oxxford, Brioni, Jack Simpson, Kiton, and Sartoria Attolini; this is an extraordinary plaudit given the volume of the other brands. 

Jack's couture services have been focused on a select group of highly accomplished men.  Among them have been Cabinet Secretaries, Senators, Prime Ministers, prominent CEO’s, film and television stars, professional athletes, and influential members of the legal and medical communities.

Our introductory appointment is typically thirty minutes in length with the objective of determining if the product and services are a fit for the client.  If we decide to go forward, the initial working session is 1½ hours in duration; this includes the development of a database of preferences and lifestyle requirements along with an anatomical evaluation and detailed measurements.  Cloth selections are made from the presentation boards as well as the fabric library.  A personal pattern is then created using our state-of-the-art technology, and each cloth is hand-cut by a master cutter.  The resulting garment is fully hand-tailored, with 32 individual pressing stages throughout the cycle to ensure that the cloth is softly molded into the client’s physical form.  This same process is utilized for shirts, echoing that of our suits, trousers, jackets, formalwear, and outerwear.  Garments are completed within seven weeks and a fitting is arranged where final enhancements are made.  The finished garment, complete with handmade buttonholes on the sleeves, is delivered in another five to ten days. 

This differs dramatically from the longstanding benchmark in the custom field, bespoke suits from London; these require at least three fittings with a production cycle from order to completion often extending to several months.  There is rampant misuse of the word custom in America.  The industry standard for this process is made-to-measure, which, even for a dominant brands is a series of simple adjustments from a stock size.  Our service requires a series of detailed measurements that are utilized to crate a one-of-a-kind pattern; one in which Jack is chief architect to ensure that we create a model that is the most flattering possible for each man. 

We are priced far less than other prestigious brands.  For super fine woolens from Scotland, a made-to-measure Oxxford suit retails for  $5500; Brioni would be priced at $7000 and Kiton $9000 for the same level of fabric.  Jack Simpson Couture is $3500 for a similar cloth quality.  Shirts have equivalent hand-finishing and retail at $375 for a 120’s two ply cotton woven in Italy.  Kiton is over $600 for this cloth in its made-to-measure program.  The revered brand Hermes has recently added a couture service for men.  Clients have the opportunity to work directly with Creative Director, Veronique Nichanian, for custom suitings.  These garments range in price form $9500 to $55,000 and provide one of the only benchmarks for the international couture service.

But the most appealing part of our services may well be the design counsel.  We have just completed a conversation with a successful commercial real estate broker from Boston.  He has been a devoted luxury customer, acquiring some of their finest products such as Oxxford, Kiton, Charvet, and John Lobb.  His business has changed recently, however, as he is now specializing in the development of the Silicon Valley of Boston.  He regularly deals with software entrepreneurs who dress casually, and he feels the need to clothe himself in a similar manner.  His trouble lies in the fact that he has difficulty envisioning this look.  Furthermore, he has not enjoyed success in finding someone to create such ensembles for him.  His dilemma is quite common in today’s professional battlefield, and it is the reason our service is focused on providing a comprehensive image consulting and personal design regimen. 

Our objective is to take full control of a client’s wardrobe by building a database of existing items.   We then decide which pieces to discard immediately and which to replace in the future.  Most importantly, we study his lifestyle and identify the voids in achieving a fully balanced wardrobe for both social and professional needs.  The long-range goal is to design a modern wardrobe that fulfills all of a man’s lifestyle needs.  Designs created exclusively for him in models developed to enhance his physique.  Proper dress will always convey respect in business affairs; proper dress will provide a similar measure of respect in one’s personal life.  The challenge today is how to be properly dressed – neither overdressed nor under dressed.

J A C K  S I M P S O N

Hand-tailored menswear by custom design

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