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M E S S A G E   F R O M  J A C K


Dress for men, be it business or personal, has never been more confusing.  Corporate America has shaken the very foundation of conventional business attire through the movement to casual clothes.  Few men seem to understand the new rules; fewer still have the time to research the best options. 

I have devoted my entire career to the luxury market in men’s apparel.  This has given me the basis for developing a comprehensive philosophy of dress, one that is uniquely adapted to today’s rapidly changing world.

Through interviewing my clients about their wardrobe needs, I have seen a pattern emerge.  The lifestyle of the accomplished man today demands that he have separate clothes for business, for social occasions, and for formal events.


I have developed nine lifestyle categories that have specific clothing requirements.  When men ask me today how many suits they should own, my response to them is to consider categories which need solutions, rather than the number of gray suits hanging in the closet.

Our goal is to design a modern wardrobe that fulfills all of a man’s lifestyle needs.  Designs created exclusively for him, in models created to flatter his physique.  We find this to be one of the few indulgences that lead to enhanced self-respect and an elevated public persona.  Proper dress will always convey respect in business affairs; proper dress will provide a similar measure of respect in one’s personal life. 


Our garments are produced in the same manner of the elite workshops in Europe: hand made-to-measure.  The cut and handwork result in a jacket that softly caresses the body for maximum comfort and ease of movement.  Jacket length and button placement strike the precise anatomical balance between hip and shoulder.

Fabrics are part of an exclusive selection of superfine silks, woolens, cashmeres, and perhaps the world’s finest fabric, Vicuna.  Every client is measured by me, and, much like haute couture for women, every detail is shaped to the client’s unique specifications.  Annual production is limited to a maximum of 500 garments.

Our couture suit, much like a fine wine, should be an experience to savor, and a taste of life at its best.

J A C K  S I M P S O N

Hand-tailored menswear by custom design

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